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Final Episode

December 20, 2022 Noah Goodson, PhD Season 3 Episode 124
Life Science Today
Final Episode
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This week, I have an announcement to make.

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Life Science Today is your source for stories, insights, and trends across the life science industry. Expect weekly highlights about new technologies, pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions, news about the moves of venture capital and private equity, and how the stock market responds to biotech IPOs. Life Science Today also explores trends around clinical research, including the evolving patterns that determine how drugs and therapies are developed and approved. It’s news, with a dash of perspective, focused on the life science industry. 


Welcome to Life Science Today, your source for stories, insights, and trends across the life science industry. I’m your host, Dr. Noah Goodson. This week, I have an announcement to make.



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End of the Show

Dear listeners, today I bring the sad news that Life Science Today Podcast will be coming to an end. I have been writing and producing this on my own for more than 2.5 years. I never received a dollar of support, nor do I have assistants or team members that help me. That’s not a complaint – I just want you to know you were getting real stories straight from me. Each week I would dive into the news and identify stories I found interesting and try to provide you with some context. This has been part of my rhythm to pick, write, record, edit, and distribute this out to you. And along the way we’ve grown. We went from 10 downloads a week to thousands. 

In so many ways I am proud of this show and what I was able to create. Interviews with amazing leaders and more than 600 stories covered across multiple years in the life science industry. And yet I also felt frustrated for you, the listener that I didn’t have more time to write and reflect, to edit and refine and give you the level of story I want you to have. In the backdrop I’ve been developing my career, helping to build teams and a company. And really trying to make clinical trials more modern, inclusive, and effective.

I’ve come to point where I can no longer keep my career objectives and this podcast going at the same time. 

Thanks for listening.